BREAKING: California Defies Government, Funding Millions To Arm Illegals Against Trump On Jan 20

The state of California continues to defy the agenda of President-elect Trump, and they have taken one more step forward to start a civil war.

The state is stealing $1 million in funds to help illegal immigrants fight deportation and stay in the country. In LA county alone, which is one of the state largest, the illegal immigrant population is nearly one million, and the $1 million in funding would come from taxpayers’ pockets.

“The idea is to set up the legal fund with $1 million in the first year, then obtain matching funds from public or private donors.” The move is a preemptive one, aimed a direct defiance of President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge “to deport millions of immigrants living in the country illegally.”

Hahn said, “Many immigrants who are facing deportation have a legal avenue to stay in this country, but they are not aware of it because they don’t have legal representation.”

California is trying to create a civil war that will be launched here very soon. Are they trying to carry out an attack on Inauguration Day?

It is also true that amnesty groups in California are working to deny federal access to the database containing names of gang members in the state. This, too, is a preemptive move aimed at preventing members of the Trump administration from searching the database for illegals, who may thereafter be deported.

They’re gutting this country financially

If California wants to continue to harbor illegals and terrorists in order to defy the president, then force will be used. The United States government will also revoke the $135 million California receives annually for sanctuary cities if they do not comply.

Do you think President Trump should not only end sanctuary cities, but also deport the 2-3 million criminal illegal aliens in this country?

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H/T: Conservative Daily Post

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