BREAKING: Carson Issues Unmistakable Statement on VP Spot… Conservatives Shocked

In a shocking statement on CNN, Dr. Ben Carson said that he was not interested in pursuing the vice presidential slot for Donald Trump’s campaign.

Carson had been widely thought to be a top pick for Trump, especially among conservatives. However, he said that not only was he not going to be the vice presidential pick, he wasn’t interested in the position.

“This is something that is extremely undesirable to me — as is any government post, quite frankly,” the retired neurosurgeon told CNN Monday. “I believe that citizen statesmen can work from outside the government in a capacity where they can contribute to the well-being of the country.”

The former GOP presidential candidate also said he had “no intention of running for office” again.

Carson also denied that he leaked Donald Trump’s vice presidential shortlist, which he helped put together, to The Washington Post during a profile.

“Basically, what I was saying is I’m not going to tell you, so any name you throw out, yeah, I’m going to say, ‘Sure, we’ll consider that person,’” Carson told host Chris Cuomo. “It doesn’t mean they’re on the short list or a serious consideration.”

“My involvement is to continue to work on making sure that Donald Trump’s candidacy runs successfully,” he said. “More importantly, that America becomes successful.”

Carson’s resonance with people of faith as well as his appeal to non-traditional conservative voters had many speculating that the retired neurosurgeon would be tapped for Trump’s vice presidential pick. However, a number of gaffes had reduced his role within the Trump campaign, something he says has a lot to do with the media misquoting him.

“How many times have I said something and they take a portion of it and then make it into a headline when it’s completely the opposite of what you’re intending to say,” Carson told Cuomo.

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