Breaking: CHAOS at Missouri Republican Delegate Meeting in St. Charles as Cruz Tries To Steal Delegates!

The Cruzers are trying to shut down motions and steal the delegates!!

This video was just sent in from the Republican meeting at St. Francis Howell high school in St. Charles, Missouri.

The Trump supporters at the meeting say, “Send it to Drudge!”

Cruz supporters in St. Louis sent out this letter describing how they plan on stealing delegates in Missouri on Saturday.

Dear Cruz supporter and true friend of freedom,

Saturday is caucus day in Missouri to select the first round of delegates to ultimately go to Cleveland.

As you probably know, the first vote in 5 of the Congressional districts are pledged to Trump and in the other 3 to Cruz.

HOWEVER, on the second ballot should those delegates at the Congressional District Caucuses on April 30 and the State Convention on May 20-21 in Branson be Cruz supporters, and we do this across the nation, Ted Cruz can win the nomination on the second ballot.


Attend the local Caucus in your local county/township. Go to the State Republican Party web site ((Link: to find location, arrive an hour early, and seek to identify the Cruz supporters. Even better, take all your Cruz friends and family with you and be a delegate to the Congressional Caucus and the State Convention.Whoever has the most numbers and elects their slate will prevail.

THIS SATURDAY 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. is the next critical time to help Ted. Hope to see you at a victorious state convention in May,

Bev E.

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