BREAKING: Chuck Norris Drops Bombshell… Stuns LGBT Community

In the wake of the Orlando massacre last weekend, Donald Trump expressed his sympathies towards gays and lesbians and has repeatedly stated that he is their friend but Hillary Clinton is not.

WND reported that Chuck Norris wrote an article defending Trump and explaining to gay groups that Trump doesn’t have the checkered history that Clinton does.

First, Norris described an email Clinton’s campaign sent out that claimed Trump “didn’t pledge to stand with the LGBT community.”

“But the truth is just the opposite: Trump is actually defending the LGBT community via his advocacy to fight jihadists, and Hillary is abandoning them,” Norris wrote.

Trump has hit Clinton repeatedly over the past few days over her accepting of donations from countries that routinely execute gays, while at the same time proclaiming that she is their friend and ally.

Norris explained that Clinton wants to keep importing Muslims into America — Muslims, he wrote, who might someday take direct action to fight back against what they see as the moral corruption of the world because of gay rights.

“Yet, she is allegedly standing with the LGBT community by allowing the largest influx of Muslims into America since the founding of our country?” he wrote. “… And among those million, how many are or could be radicalized in the future like the vicious murderer in Orlando?”

Norris pointed to multiple statistics that showed there are large percentages of Muslims in America who are more loyal to their religion than to their country, and potentially thousands (or millions) who believe in using violence to spread their agenda.

“You might not agree with Donald Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim refugees coming into America until we properly figure out how to vet them all, but at least he’s standing against jihadists and, in so doing, standing up for the LGBT community and not increasing the risks for more Orlando massacres on U.S. soil,” Norris concluded.

While conservatives may not agree with the lifestyle choices of members of gays, lesbians and transgenders, we can all agree that in this country — this free country — we all have the right to make our own choices, not be slaughtered just because of who we are attracted to.

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