BREAKING: CIA Director Issues ISIS WARNING To The Entire Nation…Trump Was Right!

The CIA Director has just issued a warning that echoes what the FBI and DHS believes, yet Obama refuses to admit there is an existential threat to American people. Instead, Obama likes to try to make everyone believe the ISIS is contained and everything is under control, which is nothing short of a lie.

CIA Director John Brennan just confirmed in an interview what Americans fear on a daily basis.

Here is what has been reported…

From Yahoo News:

Four hours after three suicide bombers killed at least 41 people and wounded hundreds more at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, CIA Director John Brennan said the attacks bore the grim hallmarks of ISIS and warned that the fanatically violent Islamic terrorist group wants to conduct similar large-scale attacks in the United States.

“I am worried from the standpoint of an intelligence professional who looks at the capabilities of Daesh … and their determination to kill as many as people as possible and to carry out attacks abroad,” Brennan said in an exclusive interview at CIA headquarters with Yahoo News. Brennan credited effective homeland security measures and intelligence for the fact that ISIS has been unable to attack America directly — the Orlando and San Bernardino shootings were carried out by radicals inspired by ISIS but not under its control — but he believes the group will keep trying to penetrate American defenses.

“You look at what happened in the Turkish airport, these were suicide vests. It’s not that difficult to actually construct and fabricate a suicide vest … so if you have a determined enemy and individuals who are not concerned about escape, that they are going into it with a sense that they are going to die, that really does complicate your strategy in terms of preventing attacks.”

He added: “I’d be surprised if Daesh is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States.” Daesh is an acronym for the Arabic name of the Islamic State, better known as ISIS or ISIL.

Perhaps now Obama will get onboard and actually admit there is an existential threat to Americans from ISIS, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Obama is trying to run out the clock and do as much damage as possible on his way out of Washington and the sad part is he truly believes, in his gut, that what he is doing is actually working.

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