BREAKING – Clint Eastwood to Hold Campaign Rally With THIS Candidate!

Clint Eastwood has long established himself as a icon of masculinity. He also has delineated himself from many of the traditional Hollywood elite crowd and has developed a reputation for being independent. Most recently, he has pledged his support behind one 2016 Presidential candidate in particular.

The actor who is famous for his roles in Dirty Harry and Unforgiven is going to be speaking at a campaign rally for none other than Donald Trump, via RWN. This is extremely good news for Trump, as the rally is to be held in California.

Like many other individuals in Hollywood, Eastwood does not necessarily fit in a neat political box. Although he has supported many conservative candidates in the past, including John McCain and Mitt Romney, he has also supported some liberal causes. This is one of the main reasons why this is a good turn of events for Mr. Trump.

Unlike many of the Hollywood elite who are staunchly against Trump, Eastwood is in solid support of him. He sees beyond the unfair portraits of the man and believes he would be a good president. The fact Donald Trump is drawing support from so many different segments of society is a good harbinger for his presidential aspirations.

Even within the present liberal wasteland, there are individuals responding to Donald Trump’s message.

Eastwood’s support is yet another surprising event for the Trump campaign, one which started with many thinking the man would just not be taken seriously at all.

Well, newsflash, folks.

More and more people, including Clint Eastwood, are indeed taking him seriously.

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