BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick NOT Happy After Sheriff Clarke Calls Him THIS… Internet Immediately ERUPTS

Colin Kaepernick better appreciate living in the land of free speech, because if he lived in a less civilized country, then he would have been decapitated by now.

Instead, we just maim him on the Internet with memes and controversial articles.

If Kaepernick lived in a location where Islam, the religion of peace, was the head honcho for believers, then they may have dipped him in acid by now.

Conservative Constitutionalists – If he lived in the place where the people who practice his chosen religion, Islam, come from, and he disrespected his country (be it Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc.), they would lob off his head!

But again, Colin Kaepernick should be happy he’s an American who lives in America where he doesn’t really have to worry about stepping outside to a van filled with ISIS members.

However, he does have to worry about the fierce words of America’s favorite Sheriff, our very own Sheriff Clarke.

Sherrif Clarke set the liberal atmosphere on fire when he posted the following Tweet.


Those words cut like daggers in melting butter, which is similar to the texture and brain cell count of Kaepernick’s current brain.

If there’s a sports league who rips off consumers more than anyone, then it’s probably the NFL. How much is a single draft of cheap alcohol? $8 or more! For the cost of four beers in some stadiums, you could’ve purchased a case for $24 and got wrecked in the parking lot.

How much is parking? At least $40+ to sit your car all day while your wallet is gouged by the corporate entity known as the NFL.

I heard Dallas parking is up around $80, but I guess that goes toward Tony Romo’s back since he’s injured every season.

Colin Kaepernick talks about people being oppressed while he’s earning millions to sit the bench for the 49ers.

You know who’s oppressed? Every single fan of the NFL is oppressed by the crazy prices everything costs these days.

Can’t even take your kid to a game without spending $300 just to get there.

Heaven help your bank account if your have more than one child and your wife still likes you.

If you want to talk about oppression, then start with the price gouging of the most greedy sports league in history while they oppress every American wallet.

We love football, but I’m not sure $40 for parking $8 for a Bud Lite is a good deal.

I feel oppressed.

H/T: Freedom Daily

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