BREAKING – Congress Makes Nasty Move to Seize Power From Trump [DETAILS]

Even as President Obama is headed out the door, some Democrats are still dragging their heels in regards to President-elect Donald Trump and the changes he brings to the table.

Adam Schiff, a California Democrat of the House Intelligence Committee, stated that he will be pushing for more austere sanctions against Russia if Trump decides to remove them, via Politico.

“The direction is going to be even more vigorous, I’m convinced, in favor of stronger sanctions against Russia,” Schiff stated. “You’re going to see Democrats and Republicans like McCain and Graham and others come together with a strong sanction package.”

This representative is one of the many who believes Russia had a hand in influencing the election and that not enough was done against the “hacking.” He claimed there was “bipartisan support in Congress for stronger sanctions against Russia.”

Last week, Obama created sanctions and expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the United States after the Russian hacking allegations spread, but Putin, Russia’s president, refused to retaliate—because he’s actually a mature leader.

This weekend, Sean Spicer, the incoming press secretary, questioned Obama’s actions, saying, “I think one of the questions that we have is why the magnitude of this? I mean you look at 35 people being expelled, two sites being closed down, the question is, is that response in proportion to the actions taken? Maybe it was; maybe it wasn’t, but you have to think about that.”

Thankfully, this move by Obama comes at the end of his reign and will likely not affect the ties between America and Russia. Putin is being patient because he knows Obama is on his way out the door and that Trump will replace him.

It seems to be a favorite ploy of the Democrats to blame Russia. They’re acting as if we’re still aiming nukes at each other like we did in the Cold War, but Russia hasn’t really given us any reason to be against them. It’s just that the Democrats see them as a convenient scapegoat.

They may try to fight the removal of these sanctions, but the fact of the matter is that we have a Republican majority in both the House and Senate. And many of these representatives hold the same views as Donald Trump, so the Democrats will have a hard time getting anything done.

Maybe the reason they don’t like Russia is because they never turn their back on anyone. Obama wouldn’t be able to stab Russia in the back the way he did with Israel, and he knows it.

Well, America is going to evolve into something much greater without Obama in the White House. Day one of Trump’s administration is almost upon us, and the next four years look bright and hopeful to many Americans. Say goodbye to Obama’s regime because there won’t be a shred of it left after Trump sits in the Oval Office.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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