BREAKING: Court Makes Bombshell Ruling AGAINST 2nd Amendment

Apparently due to their inability to read or comprehend the meaning of “right to keep and bear arms” and “shall not be infringed,” the liberal-dominated Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a devastating ruling against the Second Amendment.

According to Fox News, an 11-judge panel ruled 7-4 on Thursday that citizens do not have the constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon in public, regardless of what the Constitution actually says.

At issue was a California anti-gun law that required individuals applying for a concealed carry permit to show “good cause” to their county’s chief law enforcement official — that’s a “good cause” above and beyond an American citizen’s natural right of self defense.

“We hold that the Second Amendment does not preserve or protect a right of a member of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public,” wrote Judge William Fletcher, who authored the majority opinion.

It is a certainty that this ruling will be swiftly appealed to the Supreme Court, where it will likely be heard since it is in direct contradiction to a recent ruling out of a D.C. federal court that struck down the capital’s “good cause” clause governing concealed carry licenses as a a de facto ban on guns.

Some of the dissenting 9th Circuit judges felt the same way about the California law.

“In the context of present-day California law, the Defendant counties’ limited licensing of the right to carry concealed firearms is tantamount to a total ban on the right of an ordinary citizen to carry a firearm in public for self-defense,” Judge Consuelo M. Callahan wrote.

This is nothing more than a blatant and direct infringement upon a natural right that is constitutionally guaranteed and Supreme Court-affirmed, not some government-granted privilege that can be given and denied on a whim.

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