BREAKING: Cruz Reactivates Campaign, But Not in Way Many Fans Expected

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who earlier this month dropped out of the presidential race, jumped right back into the election game this Wednesday, but not in the way his fans expected.

Specifically, he filed the official paperwork required for him to run for re-election in the Senate in 2018, according to TheBlaze.

“Effective May 4, 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer a candidate for President of the United States,” the paperwork read.

It added, “As of that date, his 2018 campaign for the United States Senate and his campaign committee Ted Cruz for Senate have been reactivated.”

Speaking with reporters at a news briefing later that same day, the Texas senator provided a more succinct explanation for his sudden decision.

“I will continue fighting for jobs, freedom, and security in the Senate for 27 million Texans and all Americans across this great country,” he said. “The conservative movement remains strong and vibrant. When conservatives are united, we are far more effective.”

He added, “I’m very glad to be back in the Senate.”

This seemingly dull and unnoteworthy story mattered because it suggested that Cruz had no intention whatsoever of re-entering the presidential race, despite what he had said a day earlier when he claimed he would re-enter the race “if there is a path to victory.”

Perhaps his poor performance in the West Virginia primary, where he earned only 9 percent of the vote in comparison to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s 77 percent, proved to him that there in reality is no “path to victory.”

Regardless, it is probably pretty safe to say at this point that Cruz is out for good and will not be returning to the presidential race. Instead he will remain in the Senate, where he has for years done a terrific job standing up to President Barack Obama and his crony administration.

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