BREAKING: Demands For Charges Of TREASON Against Paul Ryan

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump emerged victorious from the Republican primary season based largely upon his strong stance against both illegal immigration and unlimited immigration from predominately Muslim nations dealing with significant radicalization until a better vetting system can be implemented.

Of course, those positions have been deliberately misconstrued by the left as a blanket ban on all Muslims, including American citizens, and a hatred of all immigrants, legal or not.

Unfortunately, many  putative allies of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee have bought into this purposeful mischaracterization of Trump’s proposed immigration policies, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to

The piece by noted author and journalist Daniel Greenfield made note of how Ryan recently stated that he would file a lawsuit against a hypothetical Trump administration if he were to follow through on his proposals to severely limit Muslim immigration or begin construction on a southern border wall.

The author proceeded to point out how Ryan has been using the language of the left to oppose Trump’s immigration policies and noted that Ryan has long been in favor of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants already here and opening the borders to allow more to enter.

“Ryan’s support for illegal immigration and Muslim migration is treasonous,” Greenfield wrote. “And yet the deeper treason is his treason to the ordinary Republicans whose views and interests he simply does not seem to care about.”

However, if Trump’s resounding victory in the GOP primary proves one thing, it is that the base of the Republican Party has largely repudiated the progressive demands for increased Muslim immigration, open borders and amnesty for illegals.

As such, Paul’s continued push for such things can only be viewed as treasonous, in that he is no longer on the same page as the people he purports to represent.

Paul Ryan now clearly stands with the D.C. establishment and industry elites in favor of an internationalist agenda, one clearly in opposition to the best interests of the American people that helped put Ryan in the position he now enjoys.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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