BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Broke Hillary! Look At The Awesome News He Got

Donald Trump is winning in Pennsylvania, a swing state. This was uncovered in a survey that contacted 1,000 registered users.

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Donald Trump is in a 5-point lead over Hillary Clinton in a swing state and this poll is legitimate. It was conducted by the CEPEX Center for Excellence in Project Execution.

Trump is now pulling ahead after a tremendous week. Here are the numbers. Trump now has 41.9% to 36.5% for Hillary Clinton with 21.5% voters undecided. Don’t let the Democrats fool your friends.

These Democrats are not American. They only are in it for themselves. Hillary Clinton is owned by billionaires.

Trump is funding his own campaign. He is the true candidate. Share this article if you agree.

(h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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