BREAKING: Donald Trump Releases “AMERICA FIRST Energy Plan”

Billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump was in North Dakota Thursday, where he delivered a major policy speech outlining his “America First Energy Plan.”

As could be expected, Trump began his speech by slamming the terrible energy policies imposed on America’s energy sector and economy by President Barack Obama and repeatedly noted that presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton would not only continue with, but also expand upon those burdensome policies.

Trump’s energy plan would be different, he said, as he would unleash the energy sector and economy by removing obstacles like costly regulations and intimidating threats of lawsuits.

This would be accomplished by, first and foremost, designating energy dominance and independence as a priority as well as a strategic economic and foreign policy goal.

This would be done by tapping into America’s plentiful reserves of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil, as well as renewable energy like solar and wind, which could be done simply by easing certain regulations that stifle innovation and new technologies while also removing subsidies that unfairly weight the market for energy, allowing all sources to compete to their maximum potential and thereby driving down prices.

Keeping the environment in mind, with an eye towards real conservationism instead of agenda-driven environmental extremism, the energy potential could be exploited while still keeping our air and water clean.

Trump also laid out the energy portion of his hypothetical “100-day plan,” which included such items as rescinding Obama’s job-killing and innovation-stifling executive actions and bureaucratic rules, lifting the moratorium on exploration of federal lands and restrictions on new drilling technologies, scrapping of outdated and duplicate regulations, and a reopening of the process for approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Furthermore, any new regulation proposed regarding energy production or the environment would have to pass a simple test: Is this good for the American worker, with the fate of the potential rule resting on the answer to that one question.

Such an energy plan as this would undoubtedly unleash our economy by creating tens if not hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the energy sector and supporting industries, as well as billions of dollars in new economic activity, much of which would be funneled into improving our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

In case you missed it, you can watch the entire energy speech here:

Donald Trump’s energy plan certainly does place America first and stood in stark contrast to the plans of Hillary Clinton, who has already stated that she intended to put coal miners out of business, make it impossible for anyone to utilize fracking for natural gas, and keep us dependent on foreign sources of oil.

If you are an energy voter, the choice couldn’t be more clear.

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