BREAKING: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Makes Controversial Decision on Trump Support

Unlike the “Never Trump” crowd, “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson understands that the Republican Party comes first, and so he has decided to support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump despite the fact that he originally endorsed former candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

“I’ll be loyal to the Republican Party,” Robertson said during an interview with the U.K. Daily Mail. “I went for Cruz because I knew that he was a strict constitutionalist, and I know that he does vet his thinking through the Bible like I do, and so I thought, ‘Hey, I can identify with this cat.’”

“It was a way to share the good news of Jesus with people when I spoke on his behalf,” he continued. “‘But now he’s out. Trump’s in. So I’ll vote for him, no question.”

Good man, though he ought to be prepared for major backlash from not only the “Never Trump” crowd, but probably also from some of his evangelical fans.

Many Evangelicals dislike both Trump’s bombastic tone and his willingness to hammer his putative enemies, be they competing candidates or even our current president, Barack Obama. They also question his commitment to conservative principles.

But as the “Duck Dynasty” star pointed out during his interview, the billionaire candidate’s faults are a small price to pay to ensure that the Republican Party retakes the White House.

“I look at the other side and have watched the last eight years, and I just have to go with someone within the Republican Party,” Robertson explained, adding that the alternative would be allowing either Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders to take the helm.

And frankly, that would be worse than just bad — it would be outright disastrous for America and its citizens.

H/T Breitbart

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