BREAKING – Email Leak Shows Hillary’s Staff Concerned About…

Hillary Clinton identifying with the everyday man is about to hit another bump in the road. And I don’t know that she will be able to recover from this just hours before the debate starts.

According to a just revealed email, John Podesta and a long-time Clinton aide questioned Hillary identifying herself as a moderate when she is clearly a progressive, but that is not all!


In the email, when questioning why Hillary did this, Podesta even made the comment that she may need psychological intervention.

Now, employees talk behind their bosses backs all the time. It is just what they do.

However, this goes beyond the normal office chit chat.

These are high ranking Hillary staff members—some of the highest in her campaign—questioning her political stance… and that is a very big deal.

One more point to be concerned about actually addresses one of the health issues many of us are VERY concerned about… her memory issues.

It’s mentioned in the email that she did not even remember making the comment! This was not a passing comment, but something that literally blew up in the media when it was done.

I have stated in previous articles that this really worries me because we cannot have our president saying things to other world leaders that she simply does not remember. She will not have the benefit of someone else always being the room or the conversation being taped, so how can we trust her in these scenarios?

Furthermore, what if this is a sign of something in addition to the conditions we are already concerned about? What if she is showing signs of the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease?

These are real questions We the People need to have answered, and we know the mainstream media will not bring them up, so now it is up to us to make a big enough stink about them and hope they get addressed before election day.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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