BREAKING: Ex-US Cmdr. in Iraq Drops Bombshell, Reveals How Obama HELPED ISIS

In an interview with MSNBC, the former commander of U.S. troops in Iraq dropped a bombshell, saying that the Islamic State group would likely not have been an issue had the Obama administration not pulled out of Iraq.

In an appearance on Friday’s “Morning Joe,” Gen. Raymond Odierno said that the Islamic State’s creation was preventable.

Odierno, who was chief of the Multi-National Forces in Iraq for almost two years, was asked by host Joe Scarborough, “Did it ever have to begin? Was ISIS avoidable?”

“I think it is, and I’m not one for revisionist history,” Odierno said. “Actually, I was … On 1 September 2010, that’s when I gave up command in Iraq and that was the end of, we declared that was the end of combat operations when I left.”

“What was the state of Iraq when we got out of there?” Scarborough said.

“Yeah, so it was in great shape. Violence was down, the economy was growing, a fairly stable political system, although there were signs that maybe it wouldn’t be so stable, so it was going well,” Odierno said.

“And I think if we had stayed, I think it could have made a difference. Now that’s easy to say now, you have to get the Iraqis to approve that and I think Secretary Gates made a point yesterday that Iraq probably wouldn’t let us bring in hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of people back into Iraq for a lot of reasons.

“And so I think we have to now come up with a strategy that works within the political framework that’s been established or the political, I would say, disarray that we have in that region now, and we have to really think hard through that,” Odierno concluded.

And all this to fulfill an agenda.

No doubt that, when Barack Obama leaves the White House, he’ll tell us yet again how one of his greatest accomplishments will be ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will come as a surprise to the beleaguered citizens of said countries, who began the Obama administration living in developing democracies and will end it living in cesspools of fear, terror and misery.

President Obama has made the situation in the Middle East infinitely worse by withdrawing troops. While the rise of the Islamic State has made all of the headlines, the reemergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan has also been one of the sad results of Obama’s ill-considered foreign policies.

We need a real president — one who ends wars by defeating the enemy, not just by withdrawing our troops and closing his eyes to the chaos.

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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