BREAKING: FBI Connects Crooked Hillary and Crooked McAuliffe In SICK Way

When Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia — a Democrat and close Clinton associate — was tied to possible illegal donations from a Chinese businessman earlier this week, I thought it was Groundhog Day. Seriously, I was ready to dig my Sega Genesis and Nirvana cassettes out of storage, put on a baggy pair of JNCO jeans and crack open a Jolt Cola. The ’90s were back!

As it turned out, my trip down memory lane may have been only beginning. Not only is Gov. McAuliffe under investigation by the FBI, there’s a huge tie to Hillary and her crooked Clinton Foundation, and that means this fundraising scandal is not going to go away.

According to a report from Time, Hillary Clinton actually met the Chinese businessman linked to the illegal donations at a September 2013 fundraising event hosted at Hillary’s Washington, D.C., home, where he was invited by Gov. McAuliffe.

The businessman, Wang Wenliang, proceeded to donate $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation a month later. He would end up donating a total of $2 million over the next year.

Foreign nationals cannot give to American political campaigns, which is why the FBI was investigating McAuliffe. However, Wang allegedly gave Gov. McAuliffe money through his American corporations — something which is still of dubious legality, especially when the donation is more or less a personal one.

In addition to the Clinton Foundation donations, Wang gave McAuliffe a total of $120,000 for his 2013 gubernatorial campaign. According to Wang’s representatives, the businessman would meet McAuliffe at least three times, once being at the fundraising event.

Meanwhile, McAuliffe has said that he “did no deals” with Wang.

“I would not know the man if he sat in a chair next to me,” McAuliffe added.

Given that he may soon be your co-defendant, you may wish to prepare yourself for that eventuality, Mr. Governor.

Getting Wang an audience with Hillary Clinton wan’t the only thing McAuliffe was alleged to have done, either. He also seemed to have attempted to steer a soybean deal between one of Wang’s companies and the state of Virginia.

Look, there are plenty of crooked politicians out there. If you put the names of all 535 men and women serving in Congress on index cards and taped them to a cork board, then blindfolded yourself and threw a dart at it, odds are you could probably make a criminal case for corruption against whichever name you hit.

There’s a difference here, though. Those politicians live on the edge of legality. The Clintons, and their associates, do not know where that edge even is.

After getting in heaps of trouble for a series of scandals involving foreign campaign donors — specifically donors from the People’s Republic of China, an entity not necessarily known to have America’s best interests in mind — you would imagine that Bill and Hillary Clinton would henceforth have the circumspection of saints when it came to this sort of thing.

Yet, not only have they used the Clinton Foundation as a sort of clearinghouse for donations from countries with dubious human rights and corruption records — many of which, may I add, mysteriously seemed to score deals through the State Department in the aftermath of said donations — they’ve been linked to Chinese donors again!

And this is who the Democrats want to put in the White House? Again?

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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