BREAKING: Federal Judge Deals Massive Blow To Hillary, Orders Her To…

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has been working tirelessly to get their hands on Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails from her homebrew private email server. Now, the legal group is one step closer to finding what was in those emails while she was Secretary of State.

Friday afternoon, a federal judge issued an order to Hillary Clinton that she answer written questions from Judicial Watch on the use of a private email server.

Fox News reported on this development:

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued the order as part of a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch. The group had sought to question Clinton under oath and in person, but the judge ruled she would only have to answer questions in writing.

FBI Director James Comey announced last month that the agency would not seek criminal charges against Clinton after an investigation into her email use, although he concluded she been “extremely careless” in her handling of sensitive material.

Judicial Watch’s Director of Investigations Chris Farrell said that while they would have preferred to have Clinton answer questions in person, the decision represented a victory for the organization.

“Judicial Watch will get Clinton under oath regarding the set-up of her outlaw server – something no other person, organization or agency has been able to do, to date,” he said.

“We believe it is a victory for law and order to get Hillary Clinton under oath answering questions about the server setup and why she did it,” he said.

As Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell stated, this isn’t as good as an in person interrogation; but it’s a start.

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon dismissed the lawsuit from Judicial Watch as a pithy attack on the Democratic Presidential candidate.

“Judicial Watch is a right-wing organization that has been attacking the Clintons since the 1990s,” Fallon said. “This is just another lawsuit intended to try to hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and so we are glad that the judge has accepted our offer to answer these questions in writing rather than grant Judicial Watch’s request.”

The question set must be sent to Clinton by October 14, and she has a maximum of 30 days to issue a response. The problem with that timeframe is that she may purposefully delay any response until after the election.

The Presidential general election will take place on Tuesday November 8. That gives Hillary until November 14 to respond, 6 days after the election will have taken place.

If Judicial Watch wants to have those answers before the general election, they better submit that question list double time. Although I’m sure they probably already have one in the works, knowing just how on-top-of-things the watchdog group tends to be.

Commence Clinton camp freakout.

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