BREAKING: Federal Judge Gives Hillary Clinton Some VERY Bad News – It’s Happening!

One federal judge is not very happy with Hillary Clinton and demanded the Department of State delivers the documents that connect the former Secretary of State with a defense manufacturer. Clinton has been signing contracts with this individual, and now the papers need to be revised in detail.


According to Daily Caller, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon informed officials that they had to speed up delivery of all memos and communications with British defense contractor BAE Systems, even if it meant working on weekends.

“Tell your colleagues at the State Department … weekend trips to Nantucket should be off the table,” Leon told one of the federal lawyers in court Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. “They should be rolling up their sleeves to get this done.”

These documents stem from the State Department’s decision to continue contracting with the U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems despite the fact that the company had pleaded guilty to misleading investigators about the compliance to regulations restricting foreign arms trafficking.

The Freedom of Information Act suit was filed in 2013 by the Associated Press, who said it is crucial to have the documents before the November election, as it may affect whether or not Americans want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“Many of those elements relate directly to decisions that American voters are going to have to make in this election,” Jay Brown, a lawyer for the AP said in court week. “At least they potentially relate to that. We don’t have the documents.”

When the FBI announced that Hillary Clinton will not be prosecuted for her email cover-up charges, she might have though that she would get a breather. However, the presidential nominee is still uncertain of her political career’s future and may be facing serious charges.

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