BREAKING: Fire Erupts at Trump Rally, Then Rioters Make Sick Move During Panic

It’s happened again: Leftist “protesters” (read: rioters) against Donald Trump caused chaos at an Albuquerque, New Mexico event, setting fires and hurling vulgarities and insults at children.

And when they ran out of humans to attack, they decided to go after horses, throwing burning T-shirts and bottles at mounted police, according to Fox News contributor Todd Starnes.

That’s right, horses. Apparently, the steeds of the Albuquerque Police Department were exercising their equine privilege or were part of the patriarchy or something, because things got very ugly, very fast.

Check your equine privilege, boys. #NeverMrEd.

These were far from the only shenanigans these rioters engaged in, sadly. Inside the Convention Center, CNN reported that Trump’s speech to a packed house was interrupted several times by protesters.

“At one point, a woman in what appeared to be a bra was throwing fake money in the air in the stands behind Trump,” CNN reported. Well, that’s a convincing argument. I’m definitely going to be a #NeverTrumper now.

They also reported that windows were smashed — one allegedly with a pellet gun — and doors were kicked down.

The crowd also chanted “f*** Donald Trump.” CNN added that among the chanters, “many (were) critical of his positions on immigration.” How could you tell, their inflection when they shouted the f-word?

Things were even worse outside the convention hall. (Warning: videos from here on in contain disturbing language and footage. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Rioters at the Albuquerque event also decided to crash through barricades, many with middle fingers raised.

Wonderful. These are the men and women who want to convince us that they’re protesting against Donald Trump because he’s hateful. Meanwhile, they have their middle finger raised and most of them sound like they use the f-bomb as a comma.

In spite of this, news media refuses to call these men and women rioters. They prefer the term “protesters,” and if there’s any violence, it’s only “sporadic.”

Take a look at the videos above. Take a look at what happened to these horses. Does that look sporadic to you?

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