BREAKING: Fox News Host Officially Endorses Donald Trump

After businessman Donald Trump virtually clinched the Republican nomination when Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the race, a stream of politicians and pundits began endorsing the presumptive nominee.

Trump will certainly need the support of as many prominent, outspoken Republicans when he goes to battle against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton over the next six months. Most importantly, he needs members of the media on his side because the liberal media will undoubtedly come after him in full force.

That’s why the most recent big name endorsement is a huge plus for the GOP candidate, as it came from one of the top conservative voices at Fox News — Sean Hannity.

Hannity has been a Trump ally for awhile, offering him substantial time on his television show and talking positively about him throughout the primaries.

But, as many well-known conservatives, he waited until the GOP had a presumptive nominee before officially endorsing the real estate mogul for the presidency.

On May 5, Hannity responded to a question on Twitter about him officially endorsing Trump.

“So Sean do you endorse Donald now that he’s the nominee?” a Twitter user posed to the journalist.

Hannity responded bluntly: “Yes, I do.”

Hannity kept tweeting about his endorsement of Trump for awhile, explaining that he would have supported whomever the party nominated because he does not want a Hillary Clinton presidency.

The support from such a prominent conservative voice will undoubtedly boost Trump’s appeal among conservative voters — even though who previously supported a different GOP candidate.

Conservatives in general trust Hannity, who, in a liberal-dominated profession, always stands up for our values and makes sure his audience is well-informed.

Trump will likely be ecstatic to receive this endorsement, especially in the midst of many prominent Republican leaders, such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, refusing to endorse the candidate just yet.

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