BREAKING: Ghost From Obama’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him… This Is His Worst Nightmare

Since the very beginning of his first campaign, President Barack Obama has claimed to be a man of the people. That platform helped him earn the vote of the less fortunate, who hoped that he could turn things around for him.

Now, a new meme that shows just the type of man he is has gone viral. And it proves he’s not even close to being the man he pretends to be.

The picture shows a black woman holding a picture of a young Barack.

“She lived in a homeless shelter for 2 years. Lived in Government housing for 10 years. As an illegal alien,” the meme reads. “Her nephew is a multimillionaire. He claimed $87,000 in charitable donations. But never gave her a dime. His name is Barack Obama.”

What do you think of this meme?

Obama’s actions have always spoken louder than his words, but this is absolutely ridiculous. We’re counting down the days until he’s out of the White House for good.

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