BREAKING: Google’s FILTHY Plan To Ensure Hillary Wins White House Just EXPOSED

There’s no such thing as a shortage of scandals involving the Clinton’s, which has surrounded them their entire lives. This may prove the dirtiest of them all.

SourceFed recently uncovered evidence showing that internet giant Google has been filtering searches regarding the Clinton’s, their scandals, and the upcoming Presidential election by only returning pro-Hillary results. Anyone who tries to claim this isn’t a big deal couldn’t be more wrong. Research shows that search engine manipulation in favor of Hillary can swing poll results to her side: by as much as 25 percent.

In case you’re too eager to share this news with your friends to watch all seven minutes, here’s a quick rundown:

It’s no secret that most of the mainstream media slants to the left, but now you can’t even use the internet to find out the truth for yourself! Not only does Google return pro-Hillary results when you search using neutral terms, it tries to prevent you from searching for information about her if you’re using negative language. The search engine claims that the suggested searches it provides are based on how frequently people have recently searched for those terms. EXCEPT for when searching about Hillary Clinton!

I just tested this for myself, and I can confirm that it is 100% TRUE. By typing “Crooked” into Google, the search engine came back with three suggested searches for me: Crooked Smile, Crooked Teeth, and Crooked Trails, but NOT “Crooked Hillary.” A quick look into Google’s own search information database shows that “Crooked Hillary” has been searched more in the last week than those other three terms COMBINED.

The worst part of this is that, according to The Statistics Portal, Google controls an 89.44 percent share of the internet search engine market.

I can’t wait to see the headlines that liberals come up with in an attempt to bail Hillary out of this one …


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