BREAKING: GOP Makes HUGE MOVE Against Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch assured us that she would act accordingly in whatever action the FBI recommended be taken against Hillary Clinton.

Lucky for her the FBI ruled just as she wanted them to, saving her some awkwardness.

That “reassurance” came after it was reported that she had a private meeting with Bill Clinton at an airport last week. She tried to play it off as the two coincidentally running into each-other, when in reality the meeting was planned, and went on for thirty minutes. The general public only knows about it because a local reporter got a tip about the meeting.

Despite Hillary getting off the hook, those involved in the investigation are next in line to feel the heat.

The Hill reports:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be testifying next week on the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s emails, House Republicans announced Wednesday.

Lynch is slated to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, the panel announced — her second testimony before the panel since becoming the nation’s top law enforcement official last year. Her testimony will come just days after Republicans have FBI Director James Comey testify on Capitol Hill regarding the FBI’s decision.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) said Wednesday that the FBI’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton “raises serious questions” and is “uniquely troubling in light of Attorney General Lynch’s secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton.”

“No one is above the law and the American people need to know that federal law enforcement is taking this misconduct seriously,” Goodlatte said in a statement, saying the hearing would also focus on the Justice Department’s handling of the mass shootings in Orlando, Fla., and San Bernardino, Calif., both of which have links to terrorism.

House Republicans are looking to send a clear message: the Clinton email probe is not over. At least five people have been charged over lesser but similar crimes quite recently. The only difference is that their names aren’t Hillary Clinton.

Even if nothing comes from this, Hillary still has a Donald Trump Presidency to worry about. Trump could appoint an Attorney General who could be able to indict Clinton, if he so pleases. If so, that would make history as the first time Hillary Clinton faced consequences for her actions.

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