BREAKING: GOP Moves To Impeach Obama’s IRS Chief

Last October, the House Oversight and Government Reform committee moved to impeach IRS Chief John Koskinen, and this push for transparency and accountability finally reached critical mass Tuesday.

“As members of Congress, we have no reason to have any confidence that Mr. Koskinen will run one of the most powerful agencies with any integrity,” committee chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz tesified at Koskinen’s first hearing, according to The Hill. “Nor can the American people feel confident the agency won’t misuse its power under his direction.”

“For these reasons, it is time for Congress to act and remove him as head of the agency,” he added.

Sorry, Koskinen, but judgment day has arrived, though according to reports, you were not even present at the hearing.

The accusations against Koskinen stem from the intransigence he displayed when Congress tried to dig up evidence on former IRS Chief Lois Lerner, the insidious figure behind the IRS’s attack on conservative groups.

Specifically, Koskinen promised to produce all of Lerner’s emails but wound up later admitting that some of them had been lost. Congress later learned that a large number of them had in fact been destroyed.

“Mr. Koskinen prevented Congress — and the American people — from ever learning exactly how and why their First Amendment rights were violated,” Chaffetz explained.

The House representative also pointed to a report last year from the Government Accountability Office that showed that the IRS had done absolutely nothing to ensure that conservative groups are not again targeted in the future.

The IRS basically engaged in foul play, tried to cover it up and then did nothing to prevent it from happening again. Instead of trying to impeach Koskinen, congressional members might want to go ahead and jail him. And then abolish the IRS, for good measure.

For the time being, however, something is better than nothing, so hopefully, the attempted impeachment of Koskinen will be successful.

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