BREAKING: Governor Bryant meets with Donald Trump in New York

NEW YORK CITY– Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, along with five other republican governors, met with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City on Tuesday. 

The meeting focused on Trump’s plans as the nominee and as the future President of the United States. The other Governors involved were Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson , and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Governor Bryant told News Mississippi the team and Trump discussed many topics that impact both their home states and the nation.

“We talked about national security, obviously, with the tragedy in Orlando,” said Gov. Bryant. “We talked about the economy, military preparedness, and many things that would concern governors during what I think was a very productive meeting here in New York.”

Governor Bryant said that he and the other governors would serve as surrogates for the Trump campaign in their home states and would represent Trump at various campaign events. He added that if Trump took the presidency, he would do well not just for the nation, but for Mississippi.

“Trump understands the economy,” said Governor Bryant. “He understands the feds could prop up the economy by increasing interest rates… that’s important that we have someone who’s going to turn this economy around and create jobs.”

Governor Bryant said that Trump also elaborated on his intentions on how to fight ISIS.

“He was concerned with the downsizing of our military,” said Gov. Bryant. “He’s going to make our military strong again, and attack ISIS where it lives.”

Governor Bryant said there is one more thing that encouraged him about Trump.

“It was refreshing to see someone who has not been in government and not in the establishment,” said Gov. Bryant. “He had real common sense solutions, no excuses, and saw the direction Hillary Clinton would be taking this country.”

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