BREAKING – Hillary Finds Bible In Her Limo, Immediately LOSES IT And Does The UNTHINKABLE

Hillary Clinton’s actions in private, or at least when no one else but her Secret Service detail is around, appear to reveal a lot about her true character and demeanor. First, her campaign made disparaging comments about Catholics and evangelicals in leaked emails, and now this. She may have just lost the vote of all God-fearing Americans!

During a “tantrum,” Hillary Clinton picked up a Bible, which had been left in her limousine, and hit a Secret Service agent with it, according to a former member of her security detail, Gary Byrne. The agent turned author said the former first lady stomped her feet on the floor of the limo like a petulant child and then just belted a man who had vowed to take a bullet for her.

Listen to “Gary Byrne on Hillary Clinton Being Rude” on Spreaker.

“She got so angry, she hit a Secret Service (member) on the back of the head with a Bible sitting in a limousine,” Byrne recalled when asked during an interview if he had ever witnessed Hillary Clinton behave rudely. He vehemently insisted the agent had not done anything wrong and added that Hillary was just mad and wanted to take it out on someone.

Gary Byrne went on to say Hillary just “had a tantrum over — who knows what.” The former Secret Service agent said the incident of Clinton hitting a member of her detail with a Bible was investigated but nothing came of the matter.

“This is the way it is. If you want a transfer, we’ll transfer you,” Gary Byrne said the agent was told after a review of the Bible beating had been completed.

The former first lady allegedly has a long history of treating her Secret Service detail like lowly hired help and in a consistently demeaning manner. If Byrne is accurate, Hillary consistently felt her whims, wants, and desires trumped national security laws and safety protocols put in place to keep protectees alive.

Gary Bryne also said Hillary became incensed when he objected to her plan to allow 40 of her pals from Arkansas to remain inside the oval office unsupervised.

“She was gonna leave and leave them in the Oval Office!” Byrne said. The Secret Service is reportedly not allowed to permit such a scenario due to obvious security concerns based on national security law.

Byrne said Hillary called him and the entire Secret Service agency a**h**es after he told her the Arkansas crew would have to be supervised inside the oval office. She also allegedly said she and Bill should have fired the existing agents and agency officials when they moved into the White House. “This is typical behavior for Hillary Clinton,” Byrne added.

Little did Gary Byrne know at the time, but years later Hillary would become the secretary of state, ignore national security law again when sending and receiving classified information, and get investigated for her actions while running for president. Clinton’s blind arrogance and her belief that she is above the law makes her both too untrustworthy and dangerous to hold the highest office of this country.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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