BREAKING – Hillary Has Major Medical Emergency, THIS Is What We Warned About

Finally, we have proof Hillary has been hiding a significant health issue.

Just moments ago, Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 Memorial earlier than anticipated for a “medical episode,” according to Fox News.

According to witness reports, Hillary’s “knees buckled” and she then needed help getting into her van to leave the service.

The report said she was “clearly having some type of medical episode.”

One would think her campaign would have had some statement already out there, but as of this writing, they have not responded to any inquiries. Crickets, that is all we are hearing from them right now.

For Hillary, the last week has been rather busy.

She has been stumping it, a press conference, and quite a few fundraising events.

I even noted on several occasions how tired she looked during some of the most recent events.

The pictures of her at the ceremony today were ghastly. She looked lucky to be breathing let alone out on the campaign trail.

She has been blaming her coughing fits on her allergies, yet pollen counts at her appearance locations have been documented as low.

Earlier this week, one of the major networks had video of her spitting massive mucus balls into her water (and yes, she still drank it).

Now she basically collapses at the 9/11 Memorial service.

Hillary, no more blaming these reports on right wing conspiracy, something is obviously wrong and we need to see the doctor’s reports.

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