BREAKING – Hillary Holds Press Conference on NY Bombing, BLAMES It On…

Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is holding a press conference today on the New York bombings that took place this past weekend. But who she blames the bombings on is unbelievable!

Hillary Clinton is basically blaming Donald Trump for the bombings. Saying that “Donald Trump’s comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists.”

A person who is seeking to lead this country is BLAMING a fellow American rather than the monsters who did this. She is passing the blame, like she always does.

This is further proof that the mainstream media is in Hillary’s pocket; they let her finish every point she tries to make while they continuously interrupt Trump when he is being interviewed.

Hillary went on to contradict herself, saying that we should go out of our way to stop terrorists from coming into this country, yet urging us to accept thousands of refugees into this country!

Unfortunately, terrorists are smart, and they can figure out ways to come into this country…especially with the possibility of letting so many migrants in.

She seems to be spinning her words around, saying she’s in favor of “tough vetting” and that our visa system should be better. But isn’t that what Trump is doing? She’s basically copying him to catch up in the polls.

Trump is a huge advocate for tough vetting, in fact, he wants all the illegals to get out and go through the vetting system! Get visas, get green cards, get citizenship! The legal way!

Hillary is changing her tune and the media is eating it up.

But We the People will not be fooled; we know Hillary is just trying to play the American people.

We cannot elect someone who blames the American people for terrorist acts!

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