BREAKING – Hillary Issues NASTY Response to Trump’s Threat of Prison, LOCK HER UP!!

One of the more popular promises from the Trump campaign is that, if elected, he will hold Washington, DC – and the DC class – accountable. With a population in the United States that is sick and tired of the two-tiered system of justice currently in place, the promise is quite popular.

Donald Trump has also repeatedly insisted that if he is elected, he will appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s alleged criminal acts, both while as secretary of state and beyond. This notion has been spun by the progressive media and the Clinton team to sound as though Trump will throwing Clinton in jail once elected to office like a dictator with no respect for due process. In an attempt to play to her political advantage on that false-narrative, Clinton said, “You know, we don’t do that in America,” as per BizPac Review.

In the America Hillary Clinton and her impeached husband created, she would be right. The elite political class – especially on the left side of the aisle – are given great leeway with the law. However, in the United States that exists under the US Constitution, she would be demonstrably wrong. Our Justice System should ensure that everyone is held accountable to the law, no matter which political or economic class they belong to.

In a recent press gaggle, while reporters traveled on her donated campaign plane with her, Clinton commented on Donald Trump’s declaration that justice would be served under his administration in the form of the seating of a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s activities.

“I have no concerns about [that] whatsoever,” Clinton said. “Every time Donald Trump says he wants to jail his opponent, meaning me, I think to myself, ‘You know, we don’t do that in America,’ …We actually have laws and courts and an independent judiciary.”

Clinton is correct in one regard. We do have laws and courts and an independent judiciary. It wouldn’t be Trump himself who put Clinton in jail. It would be the executive branch appointed special prosecutor who would would hold this obstructive career “civil servant” accountable for her many criminal acts.

The special prosecutor would pursue an investigation under the law, and when acts of criminal behavior were evidenced – as in the whole of FBI Director James Comey’s non-indictment statement – he or she would prepare a case against the offending individuals.

The special prosecutor would then engage the courts to prosecute the case so as to give the accused her/their day(s) in court. This is where proof of evidence would win out over the propaganda efforts of a corrupt media.

In the end, it would be the independent judiciary – which exists outside the corrupt influence of a politically tainted Department of Justice – that would pass judgment on the defendant(s) based on the evidence presented.

This is the sole purpose of an appointed special prosecutor: to bring justice when there is too much conflict of interest for the normal channels of justice to function. Today, the usual channels in the US Justice System are peppered with Clinton appointees who are stonewalling and obstructing justice with no repercussions to be had.

So, Hillary Clinton should be worried about what will happen if Donald Trump prevails in the election on November 8th, while the rest of us should be excited about that possibility. At that time, she will finally – finally – be called to account for her criminal, unethical, and arrogant flouting of the law.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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