BREAKING – Hillary Just Got THIS ‘October Surprise’, And Liberals Are FURIOUS

Has a liberal rag finally turned on Hillary Clinton? Julian Assange has promised an “October Surprise” from WikiLeaks to drop on Tuesday, but it appears Christmas may have come a little early for patriots eager to prove to the masses Hillary Clinton is not fit for office.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was likely bracing for an attack from Donald Trump over Bill Clinton’s checkered past and his wife’s role in the bashing of his female accusers. However, Hillary’s staffers were likely shocked to read a scathing report on the same topic published by the New York Times!

Mrs. Clinton was on the campaign trail with her hubby when news broke about Gennifer Flowers releasing recordings of phone conversations with Bill Clinton to back up her story about their affair.

While still on the ground at an airfield in South Dakota, Hillary reportedly whipped the staff into high gear, sending them in search of “information” on Gennifer Flowers in an attempt to keep Bill’s (and her own) dreams about winning the White House alive.

“Who’s tracking down all the information on Gennifer!?” one reporter on the campaign plane reportedly heard Hillary Clinton shouting as Flowers’s audio recordings made national headlines.

Hillary was also said to have fully embraced, if not outright spear-headed, the aggressive digging into the pasts of Bill’s accusers in an attempt to discredit their claims of carnal knowledge about the potential president in a very public manner.

A “bare-knuckles” investigator was also reportedly hired for a single solitary mission—to dig up any and all dirt on Gennifer Flowers to impugn her “character and veracity until she is destroyed beyond all recognition,” a memo excerpt from the investigator reportedly said.

Flowers was painted as a “bimbo” and “pathological liar” for an entire year before Bill Clinton admitted to having “sexual relations” with her.

The same pattern was reportedly repeated every time a woman claimed she had engaged in a consensual affair or had been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, the New York Times report indicates.

Many of the women Hillary Clinton targeted have staunchly maintained she is not the champion of women she claims to be in public, citing how she had an active role in attempting to disparage their character and get the public to view them as liars when they came forward to share their stories about Bill Clinton.

Hillary’s previous comment about all rape victims deserving to be believed is coming back to haunt her once again.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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