BREAKING: Hillary Responds To Claims She Wore An Earpiece At Debate

WHAT IS THAT THING IN HER EAR?  Last night NBC hosted the Commander-In-Chief Forum in which host, Matt Lauer, and an audience of military veterans asked questions to Trump and Clinton.  Each candidate was on the stage for one half-hour at separate times, and  each made headlines with some of the answers given.  But the big news today centers on the device inside Hillary Clinton’s ear.

Several websites and pundits are claiming Clinton relied on a “micro” earbud as she fielded questions about national security — a claim her campaign vigorously denied.


The website True Pundit quoted unnamed New York police sources saying Clinton was wearing an “inductive earpiece.”  The website described the unit as the kind of tech used by stage actors in need of prompting to recite forgotten lines.  The site claimed to be quoting NYPD sources involved in the forum’s security detail. True Pundit reported that such technology could be used to receive cues from a long distance.

Adding to the drama is an email leaked by Wikileaks and Tweeted out this morning by actor, James Woods.  The email is from Clinton’s top aide asking if she [Hillary] had grabbed her ear piece?


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