BREAKING: Huckabee Issues Unexpected Statement to #NeverTrumpers… Do You Agree?

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee might be out of the presidential race, but he isn’t keeping quiet. He recently had some stinging advice for those in the “Never Trump” crowd.

In an exclusive interview with Aaron Klein scheduled to air Sunday night, Huckabee warned the anti-Trump crowd that if they refused to get behind him in the general election, they were essentially handing “the most flawed Democratic candidate since George McGovern the White House.”

That, he added, “would be absurd.”

He admonished conservatives against Trump for nitpicking Trump and said what we ought do is say, “Thank you, Mr. Trump, for bringing people into the party, broadening the base and giving us the opportunity to take Hillary out.”

Huckabee added that even though he once ran against Trump, he is now supporting him because he will be a much better president for the country than any Democrat. From Supreme Court decisions to dealing with the threat of terrorists, Trump is the best choice.

“I guarantee you Vladimir Putin isn’t going to be flying fighter jets 30 feet above a U.S. destroyer if Donald Trump was in the White House. With Hillary, they’ll do more than just fly by,” he said.

He also said that he believed Trump would beat Clinton.

Huckabee said earlier in the year that Trump would be presumed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare because of his ability to garner votes from Democrats and independents — and by the way things are looking, he could be right.

H/T Breitbart

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