Fox Hollow, FL – Well the Black Lives Matters racist terrorists have done it… they have officially pissed off America’s bikers which is the last thing you want to do. Just ask the Million Muslims that were supposed to march around Washington DC a few years back on September 11th. Oh, that’s right, you can’t ask these Million Muslims because none of them showed up. They were too busy pissing themselves somewhere.

In their place, however, over 2 million bikers from across America showed up and shut down Washington DC and Northern Virginia for nearly a week.

Do you think I’m exaggerating the 2 million tally?

Nope… this figure was confirmed by CNN and dozens of other outlets such as the BBC, UK Independent, and the Associated Press.

Here are some videos for more proof of this figure.

Fast forward from 2013 to 2016… today the terror group Black Lives Matter has murdered at least 7 cops (confirmed kills), with possible connections to the deaths of an additional 8 cops, and has carried out hate crimes against over 500 whites, Jews, Hispanics, and Asians since their founding via shootings, random acts of violence, and the infamous knockout game that has claimed the lives of 18 mostly elderly or pre-teen white people.

Given this track record, what in the heck do you think is going to happen when this same terror group announces that they will be “shutting down the Cleveland RNC“, have made death threats against the Cleveland Police, and Donald Trump??

Well apparently according to various sources over 450,000 pissed off and very angry bikers are converging on the City of Cleveland at this very moment to sort out the BLM terrorist hate group.

Now I have spent some time researching exactly how many bikers are heading to Cleveland, and according to local media reports, and the fact that large section of downtown Cleveland is currently being overrun with bikers at this very moment I would have to say that the estimates of 450,000 is 100% correct.

Here is a picture of a 15-mile long train of bikes heading into downtown Cleveland..

15-miles… let that sink in you BLM racists.


More pictures of bikers arriving today in Cleveland…

15-miles of angry pissed off likely armed bikers looking to get ahold of a few racist cop-killing Black Lives Matters terrorist pussies.

15-miles of livid bikers, and a small army of pissed off riot police from six states who want to get their hands on you racist Black Lives Matters terrorist scum bags.

Out Fucking Standing…


I only wish I could had made the trek up on my Harley to Cleveland to stand arm in arm with my comrades in arms aganst you racist ass-clowns.

Fellas if these terrorists get out of line don’t hesitate to crack some skulls. Its time we made an example of these racists.


#StayFrosty and as Always God Bless.


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