BREAKING: Istanbul Terror Investigation Suggests STUNNING Obama/Clinton Connection

Immediately following Tuesday’s gun and bomb terrorist attack at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Turkey that left at least 41 dead and 230 injured, authorities on the scene reportedly found at least one Kalashnikov assault rifle.

This matters because a day prior to the attack, The New York Times reported that weapons shipped into Jordan by President Barack Obama’s Central Intelligence Agency for Syrian rebel fighters “have been systematically stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold by arms merchants on the black market.”

Included among these arms have been Kalashnikov assault rifles, meaning that the very rifles used by the Istanbul terrorists may have come from the Obama administration. It therefore looks like we may be on the verge of uncovering yet another Fast and Furious-type scandal. The original Fast and Furious scandal involved numerous firearms being purposefully sold to criminals suspected of having close ties to Mexican drug cartels. The feds hoped to trace the guns cartel leaders and arrest them, but the mission wound up failing spectacularly.

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