BREAKING – James O’Keefe Sends THIS Shocking Message To Trump – WOW

The man who exposed the Democratic corruption just sent a message to Donald Trump that everyone might find very interesting.

At Trump’s rally today, he said he was going to file a lawsuit against his accusers, but James O’Keefe told him to hold off because he has more video coming to bury Hillary in the matter…

O’Keefe has already launched two videos that have upset Dems and resulted in numerous firings.

Hillary Clinton was also asked about the videos and shut her press conference down in record time!

The first two videos hit the Dems pretty hard, but from the way things sound now, that last video is really going to crush the Democrat presidential hopeful.

O’Keefe himself has been coming under attack, so much so that some of his social media accounts had been suspended.

Mr. O’Keefe has also expressed some concern for his health, stating that he has a dead man’s switch ready to go if he somehow finds himself experiencing a Clinton death over the weekend.

I, for one, cannot wait for Monday to get here. It is not often I look forward to a weekend ending, but this final release has me more than a bit curious as to what he has going on in these videos.

Even though O’Keefe himself has filed a complaint over the voter fraud, I would hope our own Justice Department would at the very least be concerned about the corruption he has uncovered. These are serious issues, in both the voter fraud and inciting violence, that must be investigated.

This is not just one case, but multiple cases throughout the country. There is also proof of violence incited at dozens of Trump rallies. Judge Jeanine has already said these are all indictable offenses, but here we still sit waiting for our Justice Department to act.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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