BREAKING: John Kasich Makes Shock Announcement About Plan for Trump at Convention

Ohio Gov. John Kasich was never a favorite of Donald Trump supporters. However, even given that, they’re bound to be furious with him over this one: Kasich says he might not support Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention this July.

Kasich said that he “absolutely” would consider not supporting Trump, since he “can’t go for (Trump’s) dividing, name-calling, and somebody who doesn’t represent conservative principles.”

“Mr. Trump called me and he said, you know, ‘What are you going to do to support me?’” Kasich told Fox News.

“I said, ‘We are like two companies, you know. We have a different vision, a different value system and a different objective.’ So it’s hard to put that together. But right now the divisiveness, the division, the name-calling — it just doesn’t go down well with me,” Kasich said.

“This latest thing about this judge is just, it’s terrible. It’s just terrible,” Kasich continued. “I think the country needs a leader who can unify. The country needs a leader who can inspire confidence in everyone and make everyone feel like they’re special.

“Then when you take a look at some of the policy stuff, we don’t have to deal with entitlements? Are you kidding me? Of course we have to deal with entitlements,” he said. “We have to modernize them. We do have to balance budgets and you can’t do it out of waste, fraud and abuse.

“I mean, we need to shrink the government,” Kasich explained. “We need conservative principles beyond the whole issue of the divisiveness.”

Yes, apparently, division is bad to John Kasich. Which is why he … kept on running long after he couldn’t possibly win the nomination?

Ah, well. Don’t think about that one too hard. Kasich certainly didn’t.

Even though Ohio is almost necessary for any GOP candidate to win the presidency, Kasich responded that “is not a game for me.”

“It’s not on me as to how Donald Trump does in Ohio,” Kasich said. “It’s on him how he does in the country. If you’re going to insult Hispanics and turn off minorities, if you are going to have reckless suggestions on foreign policy, that’s not good. Why would I feel compelled to support somebody whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with?”

You can watch the governor’s comments here:

Well, there you have it. John Kasich would pretty much prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. We all thought that Kasich was an insufferable RINO. Now, he’s even willing to throw the election to a bigger divider who doesn’t represent conservative values, and a likely felon to boot.

These are John Kasich’s priorities. It’s time to make sure voters never forget that.

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