BREAKING: John McCain Just Broke Ranks! Wait Til You See What He Said About Trump

Hey America, we are on a roll! The Trump Train has officially just boarded one of the most established members of the Conservative parties, SENATOR JOHN McCAIN, and Donald could not be more thrilled to have him on board. The GOP commander declared:


The best part is, this comes just days after some of Senator McCain’s oldest friends and political allies, the Bushes and Lindsey Graham, swore to not support Trump even IF he was the leader of the GOP!

Luckily John still has a good enough head on his shoulders to realize when he has been beaten and took it like a gentleman. He may not be a huge Trump fan, but at least he admits that the people have spoken and the GOP has a responsibility to them to support Trump.

So while you may be long past your prime, Senator McCain, thank you for taking your defeat like a man and not like that Cry Baby Ted Cruz. We are glad to have you onboard the Train and look forward to the day when you can enjoy the benefits of a restored America alongside the rest of them.

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