BREAKING: Judge Makes Stunning Decision In Bergdahl’s Case… This Isn’t Justice

A hearing was held Tuesday morning in a military court at Fort Bragg in North Carolina regarding the upcoming trial of Bowe Bergdahl, but the decision made by the judge means that justice has been delayed, at least for now.

According to Associated Press, lawyers for the Obama administration requested a delay from the court, ostensibly to allow more time for the preparation of classified documents that will be used in the trial.

While the administration was seeking to delay the start of the trial from August until December — conveniently just after the general election — the judge did them one better, pushing the trial back until February, after the next president is inaugurated.

Bergdahl, who had been held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years, was part of a highly questionable prisoner exchange deal orchestrated by the Obama administration that saw Bergdahl returned to the U.S. while five senior Taliban officials being held at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility were released from prison.

Bergdahl faced life imprisonment if convicted on the charge of misbehavior before the enemy, a charge stemming from his desertion of his unit, which led to his being taken captive by the Taliban in the first place.

While there of course may truly be issues with classified information becoming public in the court proceedings, this move appears to be little more than an effort by the administration to push off the rather embarrassing public trial of a deserter who was held up as a hero by President Obama until after the president leaves office.

This move also looked to be a naked attempt at clearing the way for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as she is part and parcel with Obama’s foreign policies, mistakes and poor decisions, and would likely also be embarrassed and suffer with the voters if the trial were held before the election as originally scheduled.

One thing we can say for sure, though, is that this will all be a moot point if billionaire businessman Donald Trump gains the White House in November, as he has made perfectly clear his feelings regarding the “traitor” Bergdahl and what should be done with him.

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