BREAKING: Lead Candidate for Trump VP Makes Shocking Announcement… Trump Ticked

A senator tipped to be one of the top picks for Donald Trump’s running mate seemingly distanced himself from the presumptive Republican nominee on Sunday, saying that Trump is “going to have to change” to win the election.

Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee was widely thought to be a top pick for Trump’s vice president because of his stances on immigration and trade, in addition to his legislative experience. However, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Corker seemed to indicate that Trump’s primary attribute is an ability to change.

When asked why he thought that Trump would be a good president, Corker responded, “He has an opportunity to transition.”

“He’s talking to people I respect greatly, Secretary Baker, Dr. Kissinger are people that two of the most — the greatest foreign policy experts in our nation, so he’s talking to the right people. And it’s my hope that now that this primary decision — process is over, it’s like moving from the major leagues to the World Series,” Corker continued.

“It’s my hope that he will transition into that phase. He has an opportunity to really change the trajectory of our country. And it’s my sense that he will take advantage of that. I hope that he will. But we’ll have to see.”

When Stephanopoulos responded that Trump had said he wasn’t planning on changing, Corker responded that he needed to.

“Well, I think that he’s going to have to change,” Corker said.

“And the fact is, I’m not talking about him necessarily changing his views. But I think that he’s now moving into a different phase. He’s talking to the right people. My sense is I spoke to Dr. Kissinger and Baker before and after the meetings and he’s asking all the right questions. Talking  to people all around the country that are experts in this regard and I think they know that they’re at a place where this campaign has to evolve.”

That’s clearly not going to go over well with Trump, who has said before that he has no tolerance for those who insist he follow the rules of the political establishment. This sounds like it could be a huge red flag for Corker, and could hand the running mate spot to a more Donald-friendly, anti-establishment candidate.

Will this be the end for Corker’s chances? We’ll see.

H/T Breitbart

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