BREAKING: Leader Of NRA Makes STUNNING Announcement Before Trump Takes Stage

Billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump addressed the National Rifle Association’s leadership forum meeting Friday in Louisville, Kentucky.

In a somewhat surprising move, as they have never done so this early in the election cycle before, the NRA announced its full endorsement of Trump as the next president of the United States, according to Fox News.

Executive Director Chris Cox made the declaration as he introduced Trump, citing the irreparable damage that a President Hillary Clinton would likely do to the Second Amendment and gun rights.

Hillary has made it quite clear that she has no love for the gun rights enjoyed by Americans and has vowed to make strict gun control a hallmark of her campaign and potential administration.

Trump, on the other hand, has made it equally clear where he stands on gun rights, as he has vowed to roll back many of the onerous restrictions progressives have burdened law-abiding gun owners with, both on the federal and state level, such as gun free zones.

It is worth noting that the NRA didn’t endorse either John McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012 until rather late in the game, likely due to their less-than-enthusiastic support for the organization and Second Amendment.

However, NRA officials stated that they have seen an exceptional amount of excitement among their members regarding Trump’s candidacy, more than they’ve ever seen for another candidate, which prompted the early endorsement.

This is incredible news for Trump’s campaign, as well as for gun owners and gun rights supporters in general, as it draws a clear dividing line between the two presumptive nominees, making it obvious that respect for gun rights will be a deciding factor in this election.

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