BREAKING: Limbaugh Reveals The 1 Name Behind ‘Black Lives Matter’

The Black Lives Matter movement has been exploited these days with a contstant organization of rallies and protest marches throughout the country. That is why it has opened up some questions that everyone wants to be answered. During Monday’s program, a caller to conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh’s show had some rather pertinent questions regarding BLM.

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To wit, the caller wanted to know who was paying for all of these marches and rallies, as these sorts of things don’t generally spring up in an organized fashion from the grass roots of the community, but generally require some guidance and preparation.

Limbaugh wasted no time in informing the caller that: “The largest benefactor of Black Lives Matter is George Soros.”

“Well, he’s a very extreme, angry and mean-spirited liberal who is doing his best to destroy capitalism wherever it is in the world,” Limbaugh continued. “And, of course, since we are the greatest, largest capitalist outpost — wants to collapse the country, exactly right.”

“Don’t ask me why,” he explained. “My ability to understand these people in that sense, I’ve never understood why people want to tear down the greatest economic engine that has ever been, that enables everything they believe. It enables all their welfare benefits. It enables all of their whatever.”

“I’ve never understood why they want to tear it down, but they do, and George Soros, the amount of money, I was stunned last week, I’ve learned George Soros has given these people $33 million in the last three or four years, $33 million,” Rush added.

Actually, Limbaugh was referring to a January 2015 article in The Washington Times that revealed that the $33 million figure was actually what was spent in one year through the Open Society Foundation Soros created.

Furthermore, that figure was at least a couple of years old, and there is no telling how much more Soros has poured into the disruptive and sometimes unlawful anti-police movement that has caused so much strife and division in our country.

Though $33 million may not sound like much in an era with nearly $20 trillion in national debt and routine congressional arguments over a billion dollars spent here, five billion over there, it was nevertheless quite a bit of cash for the people on the receiving end of Soros’ magnanimous beneficence.

Limbaugh alluded to as much just a moment later in the segment when he asked, “How much does it cost to organize a bunch of malcontents to show up and stand around somewhere with signs and so forth?”

This is probably one of those questions that everyone wishes to be answered, but it will probably never be open to the public. Some questions simply “can not” be answered in this country.

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