BREAKING: LOOK who just released their tax returns!

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence released tax returns Friday evening dating from 2006-2015 as Donald Trump continues to withhold his own returns.

Pence’s documents show his and his wife Karen’s adjusted gross income peaked in 2009 at around $187,000 and was $113,000 last year. They paid an effective tax rate of 12.4 percent in 2015, the campaign said.

“The Pence family has been honored to serve their state and their nation for the past 16 years, while raising three great children and putting them through college,” said Marc Lotter, a spokesman for Pence, in a statement.
“These tax returns clearly show that Mike and Karen Pence have paid their taxes, supported worthy causes, and, unlike the Clintons, the Pences have not profited from their years in public service.”

The Pences’ total 2015 wages come out to about $109,000, with the rest of the income stemming from pensions.

The couple also gave $8,923, or 7.8 percent of their adjusted gross income, to charity last year.

The Pences reported a loss of about $3,400 on their business selling charms for towels.

The family reported making less than Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), the Democratic vice presidential candidate, in 2015. Kaine and his wife Anne Horton made about $313,000, almost three times the income of their GOP counterparts.

Both vice presidential candidates released returns from 2006-2015.

Donald Trump has refused to release his most recent tax returns until the IRS is done auditing him, though the tax agency has said there is nothing preventing him from making the records public, and he has also declined to release older returns. Trump has also said that he will release his taxes when Clinton releases the emails she deleted from her private email server.

A spokeswoman for the Clinton campaign said she was “pleased” to see Pence release his returns, but slammed Trump for holding his back and suggested he’s hiding financial ties to Russia.

“Trump has continued to hide behind fake excuses to avoid coming clean with the American people, thumbing his nose at a basic level of transparency practiced by every major party nominee since 1976,” Christina Reynolds said in a statement. “As prominent Republicans have speculated, Trump’s returns could reveal further ties to Russia and its oligarchs, the truth about his personal wealth, or more lies about his charitable contributions.”

“But we won’t know until we see them,” Reynolds added. “According to a recent poll, more than than six in 10 Republicans are now asking: what is Trump hiding?”

The Clintons reported a combined income of more than $10.7 million in 2015.

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