BREAKING: Lynch’s Bill Clinton Story Falls Apart… These 2 Lies Brought It Down

The last week, the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has constantly been playing damage authority due to the secret, private appointment with former commander-in-chief Bill Clinton in Phoenix, Arizona.

VIA Conservative Tribune

Lynch claimed that the visit was a “social” one and was pure coincidence because Clinton just happened to be in Phoenix to play golf while she was there.

However, mounting evidence suggested that all this was one big fat lie (which is not that surprising). There are two crucial pieces of evidence that Lynch has been lying to the American people.

Lynch claimed that she met with Clinton “as I was leaving,” but at least one report from an apparent credible insider present at the event said that after Lynch finished up her “primarily social” meeting with Clinton, she went about other business in Phoenix.

So right off the bat, Lynch couldn’t tell the truth about whether she was going or coming. Of course, when you’re an important person like she is, it’s easy to get confused about whether you are leaving somewhere or not.

The second piece of evidence that something fishy went on involves the claim that Clinton was in Phoenix to golf. The reporter who broke the original story, Christopher Sign, stated that he could find no proof that Clinton had actually played golf in the city.

You would think that a former president playing golf would be noticed by someone.

Lynch claimed that she and Clinton talked about golf while they were on the plane together, because nothing makes great conversation like talking about swinging a golf club for the millionth time.

Some kind of disobedience was definitely in play while Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton flew together on the plane. The time of the meeting begins to sound even more doubtful since the FBI have only recently announced their decision not to press any charges against Hillary Clinton.

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