BREAKING: Major US Cities Erupt In Violence Overnight Because Of BLM…

For the third night in a row, violent clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and law enforcement erupted in major cities nationwide.

In Minnesota, 27 police officers were injured when protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers. About 100 people were arrested in the melee, the Star Tribune is reporting. The Black Lives Matter group managed to form a human blockade of Interstate 94.


St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said 21 of his officers were injured in the mayhem. The State Patrol said six of its troopers suffered minor injuries from what the protesters were throwing.

Roughly 50 of the arrests came during the “freeway riot,” which began shortly before nightfall Saturday and continued until police began taking people into custody shortly after 1 a.m., allowing the interstate to be reopened in both directions, said police spokesman Steve Linders.

The officers were hurt from demonstrators “throwing rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks,” Linders said. The injuries were not considered serious, he added. Demonstrators were seen on a pedestrian overpass throwing objects including bricks and rebar at officers and dumped liquid on them.

Saturday night’s protests were the third straight day of demonstrations since the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge Police and Philando Castle by St. Paul police.

In Nashville, police briefly blocked a road before police could disperse the demonstrators and in San Francisco, protesters blocked a freeway ramp.

In New York City, dozens of protesters were arrested after shutting down a major highway. They were chanting “No Justice No Police” and “No Racist Police,” Reuters is reporting.

On the bright side, in Baton Rouge Saturday night, prominent Black Lives Matter activist and failed Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson was arrested, USNews is reporting.


It was not immediately clear what prompted Mckesson’s arrest. Video posted on Periscope shows footage taken by McKesson in the moments leading up to his arrest. The video shows Mckesson walking alongside Airline Highway on his way back to the main area where the protests were going on when he was arrested.

On the video, Mckesson can be heard talking with fellow protesters and describing what he said was provocative police behavior against protesters.

“The police in Baton Rouge have been truly awful tonight,” Mckesson said on the video. “They have provoked people, they chase people just for kicks. The police have been violent tonight. The protesters have not.”

Moments later, someone shouts, “This is the police, you’re under arrest! Don’t fight me! Don’t fight me!”

McKesson responds: “I’m under arrest, y’all!” before the camera is knocked to the ground.

Photo images captured by The Associated Press show police apprehending Mckesson, who at one point was on his knees before being pulled to his feet by police and led away with his hands secured behind his back.


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