BREAKING: McAuliffe Tries to Outlaw Guns… IMMEDIATELY Gets Bad News

Terry McAuliffe, the gun-grabbing governor of Virginia, just got some spectacularly bad news: He’s being investigated for campaign fundraising violations.

According to CNN, the Democrat and close personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton was being looked at for fundraising that occurred during his 2013 run for the governorship of the Old Dominion State.

“This is looking into donations to McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign for governor,” CNN justice correspondent Evan Perez said. “At least part of the focus has been on campaign donations, and whether or not they violated the law.”

The investigation has been going on for well over a year and has involved both the FBI and the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit.



This is the same governor who by executive fiat recently granted 200,000 felons the right to vote in his state — perhaps, in retrospect, he made that move to ensure that he wouldn’t be disenfranchised if convicted of campaign finance violations.

One of the suspicious donations came from a Chinese businessman who also donated $2 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Wang Wenliang, who donated $120,000 through his American businesses, was previously a member of China’s National People’s Congress. Donations by foreign nationals is illegal, although doing so through American channels is of questionable legality.

“Neither the governor nor his former campaign has knowledge of this matter, but as reported, contributions to the campaign from Mr. Wang were completely lawful,” Marc Elias, attorney for McAuliffe campaign, told CNN.

Not only is McAuliffe a close friend of the Clintons, the Virginia governor also took a page from their playbook when it comes to investigations: He’s denying that he’s even heard of it.

“The governor will certainly cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it,” his lawyer said.

McAuliffe, you may remember, was the governor who took the extraordinary step of trying to cancel other state’s concealed carry permits. He also led an electoral charge to try to get anti-gun Democrats elected to the state legislature, which failed. Now, hopefully, he’ll be put behind bars where he probably belongs.

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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