BREAKING: McConnell Makes Stunning Announcement About Trump and Future Of GOP

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a series of shocking statements Tuesday morning about both the future of the Republican Party and his own personal stance on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

First, he claimed that Trump “is not going to change” the Republican Party or its basic philosophy, despite the nominee’s entire campaign having been focused on essentially reforming the party by refocusing its gaze on working class men and women, as opposed to a few select elites.

“And I’m comfortable voting for him because on the big things that I think have the greatest impact on the future of the country,” McConnell told radio show host Hugh Hewitt, according to Politico.

Did he just endorse Trump?

I guess he did.

McConnell also slammed the “Never Trump” crowd for trying to derail the presumptive nominee’s candidacy by attempting to recruit a potential third-party candidate.

“That can only help Hillary Clinton,” the Senate majority leader claimed. “The last thing the country needs is four more years like the last eight. I don’t think it’s good idea to do anything that helps us elect Hillary Clinton.”

Last but not least, McConnell expressed support for Trump’s SCOTUS picks and alleged that “he’ll be just fine” — that his presidency would not be disastrous, as the “Never Trump” types would have us believe.

In fact, he even compared the candidate to former President Dwight Eisenhower, who as a nominee was “not deeply into Republican politics and philosophy” but still won nonetheless.

It sounded like the Senate majority leader has jumped on the Trump bandwagon. Hopefully, House Speaker Paul Ryan will take note of McConnell’s bold move and follow suit.

Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is the best chance Republicans have of retaking the White House and undoing at least some of President Barack Obama’s damage. It’s good to know McConnell understands this.

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