BREAKING: McDonald’s Makes Devastating Announcement… Welcome to Obama’s America

President Barack Obama has claimed for years that he is helping the American economy grow and has “saved” us from the effects of the great recession.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many business across America are losing employees and being forced to downsize in order to survive the Obama economy.

Chicago Business reported that McDonald’s workers have become the latest casualty in Obama’s war on the free market. McDonald’s is reportedly offering buyouts to hundreds of office staff as part of its efforts to downsize.

McDonald’s has stated that it wants to cut roughly $500 million in “general and administrative costs” by the end of 2017, and these buyouts represent the first steps McDonald’s is taking to achieve this goal.

“Building a better McDonald’s involves modernizing our business so we can better deliver on our customers’ expectations. While we do not take these steps lightly, we are confident they will help us put our customers back at the center of everything we do,” stated a McDonald’s spokeswoman, Becca Hary, who did not confirm the buyouts.

If these buyouts are true, it is likely a result of the stifling regulations Obama has put in place, coupled with the results of an increasing minimum wage across the nation.

Businesses run on money, and they only have a limited amount of it to spend. If a business wants to remain open, sometimes it needs to make cuts to stay afloat.

If even McDonald’s, which is one of the most prominent and well-to-do businesses in the world, is being forced to cut staff, that shows you just how bad things are in America right now.

We are going to need a strong president who will bring back jobs and fix the tattered economy so that once again Americans can be employed and won’t have to worry about losing their jobs.

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