BREAKING – Media Caught Hiding THIS About ‘Sanctuary Cities’ – This Made Me Sick

The mainstream media do not want Donald Trump to enforce existing federal law, which was long ignored by Barack Obama. The president-elect’s vow to terminate sanctuary cities has journalists calling him a racist and xenophobic.

One of Donald Trump’s first and most powerful campaign promises involved a thorough and legal overhaul of our broken immigration system. To accomplish this worthy and necessary task, the president-elect must not only deport criminal illegal immigrants and fix our pathetic vetting system but also squash sanctuary cities. These cities are only sanctuaries to criminals, not to Americans, but the media would never tell you that.

Sanctuary city mayors beam with pride when they make defiant statements against the enforcement of laws they took an oath to uphold. Their politically correct stand against President-Elect Donald Trump hurts American citizens.

According to the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, there are roughly 1.9 million easily deportable illegal aliens in the United States. As Breitbart notes, it is illegal for businesses to employ illegal immigrants.

Hiring illegal aliens is commonplace in sanctuary cities. This practice has long driven down wages, along with limiting the job options of Americans.

I do not fault the illegal immigrants who come to America in search of a better life. Career politicians have allowed our border to remain porous, turned a blind eye to sanctuary cities, and ignored immigration laws while going soft on deportations. I blame them!

While most illegal aliens are merely decent people taking advantage of the the United States’ current immigration system, a significant portion are hardened criminals. Drug cartels live in open defiance of our laws and routinely send their poison and violent gangs onto American soil simply to line their own pockets.

Liberals want the world to believe Donald Trump is a monster for being willing to destroy “immigrant family unity” by enforcing federal immigration and deportation laws. The government disrupts “family unity” every single day when the law is broken.

Prisons in the United States are filled with fathers and mothers. If you break the law, there is a price that must be paid when you get caught.

Convicted criminals should never become a protected class in American society. Obstructing the duties of federal agents is a crime, one sanctuary cities blatantly commit every single day. Car thieves and corner boys selling drugs take a chance when plotting, planning, and carrying out their criminal acts. Illegal immigrants take the same chance when they decide to break the law and enter America illegally.

The odds were in the favor of illegal aliens when they bet on the United States president never having the nerve to actually enforce immigration laws — until Donald J. Trump threw his hat in the ring and ran for this country’s highest office.

Political correctness will not replace common sense in the United States once Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Despite all the liberal angst being uttered by Democrats and in the mainstream media, a President Trump will restore law and order in America.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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