BREAKING – Medical school professor: Hillary has one year left to live, due to vascular dementia

HILLARY CLINTON is suffering from advanced vascular dementia and has just one year to live, according to shock new medical claims.

The 68-year-old, who has repeatedly denied she is battling serious health issues, has “never recovered” from a serious blood clot in 2012 which “triggered” the degenerative disease. And she is already in the latter stages of the illness as recent “complex partial seizures” show and “extremely unlikely” to live beyond 18 months.

The latest controversial claims purportedly come from a professor at a US medical school, who has posted them anonymously online. In a detailed 10 minute YouTube video, using brain scans, disputed medical records and slow motion clips of Mrs Clinton, the “professor” – who claims to have taught at three medical institutions – sets out the case.

“Hillary Clinton is running a campaign for president knowing that she will die.” it alleges. “Patients who are diagnosed with vascular dementia are given a three to five year life expectancy. This must be why Hillary is acting to be showing signs of desperation, due to this disease being a slow killer in which patients are only given up to five years left to live.

Hillary’s health conditions were proven earlier this week at the Commander In Chief form on MSNBC, where it looked as if Hillary had a droopy face and was showing signs of low level alertness.

Your average person who is around Hillary’s age even have better facial posters than Hillary had this week on MSNBC at the Commander In Chief town hall.

There is something obviously wrong with Hillary and all you have to do is look at her face, because her face literally looks like it’s falling off, and Vascular Dementia likely has something to do with it. Looks like Hillary’s make up hides a lot doesn’t it?

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